Tai Wai Li has conducted many symphony orchestras around the world, including renowned orchestras such as Leipzig Chamber Philharmonic, Bucharest Philharmonic, Janacek Philharmonic, and Kobe City Chamber Orchestra in Japan, and garnered critical acclaims for his concerts.  He made his European debut with Varna Philharmonic in Bulgaria in 1997.  Immediately following the debut, he was engaged guest appearances with regional orchestras in Eastern and Central Europe, including Sudeten Philharmonic and Zabrze Philharmonic in Poland, Marienbad Symphony and Zlín Philharmonic in Czech Republic, National Symphony of Moldava, and Adygea Philharmonic in Russia, among many others.  His conducting of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 was enthusiastically hailed by the audiences in Poland.  Currently based in Alaska, Mr. Li has taught music as faculty members of University of Alaska Anchorage and Chinese University of Hong Kong.