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Anchorage Chamber Music Festival was created to provide a top-quality summer intensive chamber music program and a first-class concert series in the Anchorage area. Students strive to reach artistic excellence through their lessons, coachings, workshops, and by attending concerts performed by the Artists. Artists from all over the world come together for two weeks to rehearse rigorously, perform and teach. The festival is a place that unites international musicians, students, and cultures. Our goal is to bring the world closer together through music.

We admit every student with a scholarship worth $1000 and keep the cost of tuition as low as possible. This is to attract young talent, and also because we believe that top quality music education should be a right for everyone, and not a privilege only for the elite. The festival heavily depends on community support and donations to realize its success.

Anchorage Chamber Music Festival is under the auspices of the Anchorage Fine Arts Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to make a contribution, please consider the following:


  • Sponsor (a) venue(s) ~ $5100
  • Sponsor an Artist / Special Guest Artist ~ $1200
  • Sponsor a student ~ $1000
  • “Flight Maestro” ~ $700 – $1000
    • Sponsor a faculty member/Special Guest Artist airplane ticket
    • Donate miles

Unrestricted Gift

  • Eroico: $20,000+
  • Prestissimo: $10,000 ~ $19,999
  • Allegro Vivace: $5,000 ~ $9,999
  • Scherzo: $1,000 ~ $4,999
  • Allegretto: $500 ~ $999
  • Cantabile: $100 ~ $499
  • Capriccioso: Up to $99

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E-mail: anchoragechambermusicfestival@gmail.com
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Anchorage Fine Arts Society
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