This year’s featured composer is Vladimir Scolnic.

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Born in Ukraine, grew up in Romania, and emigrated to Israel, Vladimir Scolnic, composer of many works for various solo instruments, voices, chamber ensembles and orchestras is also the author of “The Forgotten Dimension: The Meaning of Pitch” books and method of developing the musical hearing through the expressive meaning of theoretically defined musical structures, “Stages And Levels Of Organization Of Parameters In A Compositional Process” an original research method of using the Set Theory for analysis and planning of a musical work, “Building And Controlling The Expressivity Of Sound Structures And Musical Processes In Performance” a practically and theoretically defined method highly and effectively enhancing the musical performing, ”Basic Contemporary Composition” a method of teaching composition based on the timbre parameter of sounds and sources of  rhythmic patterns in non-metrical frames. Vladimir Scolnic earned a Ph. D. summa cum laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and graduated the Romanian National University of Music from Bucharest as Master of Music (composition).

Composer, musicologist, pianist and teacher, Vladimir is an innovator in any field he deals with. He developed in his music, among many other means, new types of compositional palindrome processes, integrating asymmetrical means.

As musicologist, Vladimir Scolnic has built an authentic method of research in contemporary music using also concepts from the Sets’ Theory.

As teacher, he invented several innovative methods and systems related to different disciplines integrating the most advanced theoretical concepts with functional musical skills in outstanding challenging ways.
These ways are based on understanding and building the expressive significance of musical structures using proved instruments that can be applied in analysis, composition or performance of music.

Vladimir Scolnic was the Dean of the Faculty of Theory, Conducting, Composition and Musical Education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Chair of Theory, Conducting and Composition Department.


Hear the Alaska premiere of Vladimir Scolnic’s composition, “Tensions…Wonder” performed by cellist Nathaniel Pierce at the Midsummer’s Musical Delight on July 29, 2016.


About New Music Premieres

Many say that music reflects the attitude of its time. As the most popular classical (or serious) musical works were composed centuries ago, we believe it is also important to keep up-to-date with what is being written today.

New Music Premieres is a project where we expose contemporary serious music written by living composers. Every year ACMF Performing Artists premieres a modern piece. Last year, the faculty premiered a solo cello piece entitled “Funk” by composer Nathan Prillaman at the AFAS Chamber Music Soirée. Nathan Prillaman was present at the concert via Skype.


Compositions premiered:

R. Michael Daugherty: “Quem Genuit Maria”
Nathan Prillaman: Funk
Phillip Sink: Selections from Leave a Comment
Douglas HofstadterGood People All and Little Prelude in e minor