Dates: July 30 – August 4, 2018

The Chamber Intensive is a rigorous one-week summer program for beginner to advanced string and piano players between the ages 10 – 35. Students come together in a social setting using teamwork and leadership skills to create music with one another. The 2018 program will be from July 30 – August 4 at the UAA Fine Arts Building and will include daily rehearsals, coachings, individual lessons, master classes, and concerts. The faculty members are dedicated to helping each student enjoy chamber music and grow dramatically as artists and musicians.

Student Testimonials

“…I have not had the chance to play the instrument for a long time, but this Festival reminded me of the joy of music and gave me a chance to re-start practicing. And one of the great things was that I made lots of friends during the festival and got to know lots of other opportunities for music in Anchorage…” Megumi Aisu – Cello – Age 28 (Student from Japan studying at UAA)

“…I think that seeing the instructors perform was a huge part of what made the intensive super great! I am so inspired from all of the performances and want to be great musicians like them someday. I will always have them in mind while I’m studying at school! I really hope that I’ll be able to work my hardest in the next four years and have acheivements like them once I graduate… THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH FOR THIS WEEK IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! 😀 …” Celina Farmer – Violin – Age 18 (Student at Eastman School of Music)

“…the chamber intensive was like the best part of my year. It made me remember how much i loved music. please bring back siyuan and cole, they were the best!!!!! thank you so much for doing the chamber music festival i can’t wait for next year!!!!! …” Clay Johnson – Piano – Age 13

“…We completely enjoyed the entire week’s Faculty Concerts, and we feel sure that Charlie progressed just as much from watching these amazing musicians play at such a high level as he did during the day in the Intensive classes. When the week drew to a close, our family felt like there was a big hole in our lives. We had come to expect world class music every evening! The only way to fill that void was to make a complete playlist of the entire week’s performances on Spotify to stream throughout the house during waking hours. Even now we can see each of the Faculty members faces and fingers playing the pieces we are listening to. We look forward very much to the next Chamber Intensive in part for the amazing Faculty Concerts!…” Charles Edwards – (Parent of 9-year-old student)

“…I had a great time and hope you all did as well. I bet next year will be even better. I hope you all had the chance to enjoy Alaska and will come back so I can live vicariously through your amazing studies and experiences again! Thank you for sharing them! …” Miriah Phelps – Violin – Age 29 (Violinist in the local band Super Saturated Sugar Strings)

“…I had a totally awesome week. I hope to see you all next year, and I’ll start learning repertoire far beforehand. …” Kathryn Moore – Piano – Age 34

“…Overall, this intensive was so inspiring! It really made me love music and the people I play with more than I have ever before…” Erin Kim – Cello – Age 18